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Pall Coalescer System

Pall Coalescer System


  • Improved fluid quality and value
  • Low-cost liquid and solids removal
  • Lower disposal and maintenance costs
  • Quick recovery from process upsets



Bring Down Costs Through Advanced Phase Separation Technology

When using fuels or other fluids, it is essential that they are free from particulate contamination and free water. If the fluid does not meet the required cleanliness standards, fouling and corrosion of the equipment downstream may occur, leading to expensive maintenance costs and reduced component life.   In today’s environment, it is also necessary to recover and recycle the ‘waste’ fluids from the process.

A coalescer is a device for separating immiscible liquids (L/L) or liquids from a gas stream (L/G).

Pall high-efficiency coalescers merge small droplets of liquid into larger ones as the fluid stream passes through several layers of filter media, each with progressively larger pores. As droplets compete for the open pores, they coalesce forming larger droplets. These larger droplets are easier to separate from the continuous phase fluid. The coalescer size and type are determined by numerous factors: the physical properties of the fluid, flow rate, process conditions and chemical compatibility with process fluids and additives. Pall has the expertise and capability to determine the correct coalescer size and type for your specific process parameters.


Pall offers a wide variety of coalescer systems:

AquaSep® Plus L/L Coalescer System
This is a liquid/liquid separator that has been designed to remove water from a hydrocarbon stream. It does not suffer from surfactant disarming as experienced with conventional glass fiber coalescers.

PhaseSep® Coalescer System
This is a liquid/liquid separator designed for efficient performance in aggressive fluids and where the IFT is low (as low as 10 g/cm). It does not suffer from surfactant disarming as experienced with conventional glass fiber coalescers.

SepraSol™ Liquid/Gas Coalescer
This system removes liquids from gas streams and is designed to handle high flow rates and high concentrations of liquids.

Lucid™ Separator
This system continuously separates liquids from liquids and solids from liquids without the need for additional disposable cartridges. It treats difficult aqueous and hydrocarbon-based fluids with up to 10% dispersed liquid phase and can operate with relatively high solid concentrations.

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