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Wiggins ZNC2A Fuel Receiver

Wiggins ZNC2A Fuel Receiver


  • Provides fuel theft deterrent
  • User-friendly installation kit provides easy installation / removal
  • Replace the receiver without the need to empty the tank


This receiver for fuel tanks prevents theft of fuel through the receiver. It is fitted with the “Check Valve”, a device that prevents access to the inside of the tank and allows for the replacement of the receiver without the need to empty the tank.


High rate diesel fuelling up to 570 litres per minute

Performance Characteristics

  • Temperatures: -40oC to + 82oC
  • Operating Pressure: 250 PSI
  • Burst Pressure: 500 PSI
  • Designed to mate with ZZ9A1 and ZZ9A2 fuel nozzle

Standard equipment on Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr and Hitachi Euclid mining equipment.

Design Features

  • Dry break
  • aluminium receiver

The integrated check valve in Wiggins ZN2CV is designed to prevent the loss of fuel from the receiver when the poppet is actuated and allowing nipple replacement without draining the tank.

Features and Benefits Include

  • Allows replacement of nipple without draining the fuel tank
  • Provides fuel theft deterrent.
  • Designed to interchange with ZN2A.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Same flow rates as ZN2A.
  • Integrated check valve.
  • Common interface (both nipple and the threaded mount) with the ZN2A.
  • Replaceable nipple.
  • User-friendly installation kit provides easy installation/removal.
Flow Rate
94.64 1.0 psi 125 psig max 2.60
227.1 4.0 psi 125 psig max 2.60
378.5 9.0 psi 125 psig max 2.60
473.2 14.0 psi 125 psig max 2.60
567.8 24.0 psi 125 psig max 2.60



Receiver Application Poppet
ZN2A The standard for most applications and mountings Clear
ZN2B has a light spring to avoid premature shutoff when head pressure is higher than normal Blue
ZN2D has a heavy spring to avoid overfilling the tank when head pressure is lower than normal Red
ZN2AC Stainless-Steel version of ZN2A Clear
ZNC2A Same as ZN2 with cap

Dust cap

Part No Protective Cap
ZC-20EP Protective cap for ZN series receivers
Click here to view the protective cap

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