Increased Performance. Decreased Maintenance.

FloSolve is proud to have the distribution rights for the innovative Centrifugal Filtration Technology (CFT). A CFT filter is a pre-filter attachment fitted to existing engine air intake filtration systems. These pre-filters extend the life of a vehicle’s air filters and thus offer cost savings to the customer as well as less downtime costs.

The CFT systems are available as standard systems as well as custom designed systems. These systems are suitable for the typical high dust load situations encountered by large earth-moving and agricultural machinery. The pre-filter is an array of ultra high efficiency, high packaging density vortex tubes stacked into an airtight chamber and filled with an exhaust venturi scavenge system. The vortex tubes continuously remove the bulk of the intake dust down to micron size particles. 

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Removes 93% of impurities from intake air before it reaches the air filter

RAM SeriesDiesel Engine Applications

CFT VentilationVentilation and Pressurisation