Trusted Fast Fuelling Systems

FloSolve supply, install and repair Wiggins Fast Fill Systems, factory approved by all Original Equipment Manufacturers and is widely recognised as the market leader for fast fuelling.

Wiggins is the worldwide leader in diesel fuelling technology. Incorporating a “dry break” fuelling nozzle, delivering fuel at rates of up to 800 litres per minute, the Wiggins system provides cost savings by fuelling six times faster than traditional “splash fuelling”. Wiggins systems for crankcase oil change, transmission fluid service, hydraulic oil maintenance and cooling fluid fill produce productivity increases. The automatic shut-off, no spill, closed loop fuelling system reduces costs associated with cleaning fluid spills. The majority of all large mine operations use Wiggins Service Systems. FloSolve supplies Wiggins Service Systems onto heavy mining and earth-moving equipment for the safe and efficient filling of diesel tanks, crankcase, transmission, hydraulic and coolant functions, as well as diesel driven locomotives and container handling equipment.

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